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Note: This page is maintained for historical purposes.

Projects By Scope

Projects Overview

The following illustrates the scope and depth of our work.

Enterprise-level Sites

As a professional Web developer and programmer, Daniel Servranckx, our senior developer and programmer, creates, redesigns, enhances and maintains Enterprise-level Web projects.

Government Of Canada – Canada Gazette

Canada Gazette Web SiteMr. Servranckx worked 34 months under contract at the Canada Gazette Directorate, as a team member of the Gazette Modernization Program.

Project Phase 3 - Nov 2013 to Nov 2014

The Canada Gazette was moving from a Microsoft/C# publication environment to an Adobe InDesign environment. As a lead Application Programmer, Mr. Servranckx created, updated and maintained custom JavaScript/ExtendScript applications within the Adobe InDesign publishing framework following the Agile Development Methodology.

Mr Servranckx continued to maintain the Canada Gazette PHP based dynamic Web Site (developed in the previous two projects), and participated in the development of other PHP/Ajax/JavaScript applications.

Summary of Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Develop new applications using JavaScript Object Oriented and Adobe ExtendScript InDesign Libraries.
  • Develop new applications and user interfaces using PHP, jQuery-AJAX and Object Oriented JavaScript to capture, store and maintain information about publication articles in an MS SQL Database for automated RSS generation.
  • Maintain / enhance existing Adobe InDesign custom applications.
  • Maintain SQL Server connection scripts.
  • Develop the schema, design and implement SQL Server multi table database to handle Canada Gazette publications RSS.
  • Design and Develop scripts to lay out publication using XML Schema or DTD.
  • Maintain Adobe InDesign templates, including master spreads and text styles.
  • Maintain the PHP code used to generate the Canada Gazette Web Site pages.
  • Use the Agile guiding principles for building software through iterative development and the SCRUM set of rules is a specific set of rules to follow within the Agile software development.
Skills and Technologies

Mr Servranckx provided a programming and development service following the GoC Common Look and Feel (CLF3 and CLF2) and W3C WCAG2 standards using the following: Object Oriented PHP and JavaScript , AJAX, Adobe ExtendScript and Libraries, Regular Expressions, SQL Server 2012, SQL Developer, SQL queries, XML, HTML5, Adobe PDF Professional, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and CS5.5, Eclipse PDT (PHP and JavaScript Development Tools), W3C accessibility/ WCAG 2.0 standards, CLF 2.0 and 3.0 standards, Accessibility Validation Tools (WAVE, JAWS), CSS2, CSS3, Adobe InDesign 5.5, Agile and SCRUM.

Project Phase 1 and 2 - Jan 2012 to Nov 2013

As a Senior Programmer, Mr. Servranckx converted the old CLF2 static site into a dynamically served, multi platform, PHP based CLF/ WET 3 environment using the latest PWGSC variant of Industry Canada BOEW/ WET 3.0 tool kit hosted on github.com/wet-boew. The re-designed site was released on 25 May 2013.

On an as-needed basis, he also assists the CG team in maintaining the Canada Gazette public Web site up to date on a daily basis.

Summary of Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Develop a new CLF/ WET 3.0/ WCAG 2.0 compliant bilingual Web environment using the github repository based Web Experience Toolkit (BOEW/ WET) in programmatic mode (PHP).
  • Develop the Database Schema, and MySQL/ MS Access tables used to hold the publications metadata information.
  • Develop the PHP code and programming environment to dynamically create and serve HTML5 content from data-base stored information and fixed html pages.
  • Develop the PHP code and .htaccess Apache rules to dynamically transform and serve old xhtml publication pages (14,000+) in the new CLF 3.0/ WCAG 2.0 compliant format.
  • Design and develop the PHP / HTML Database Management user interface modules to generate, populate, search, update and edit the publications metadata table stored in MS Access databases.
  • Develop a multi-tiers, REST based service between the Web server and the MSSQL database to handle all DB requests and responses between the Web servers and the DB servers.
  • Develop command line executable PHP scripts using regular expressions to massively edit metadata and header entries in archived xhtml publications in order to meet new PWGSC CLF3 / WCAG 2.0 “archived on the Web” standards.
    Evaluate HTML pages Documents object Model (DOM) structure and recommend improvements to streamline and simplify the content.
  • Assist and replace as needed substitute the Gazette Webmaster with editing and publication of html and PDF documents.
  • Validate the CLF and WCAG conformance of all new releases using the PWGSC’s PWSS Validation Tool.
  • Develop and published technical documentation, upload procedures and checklists.
Skills and Technologies

PHP, MySQL, MSSql, Apache Server, Linux, SQL Server, Regular Expressions, jQuery, XHTML 1.0 Strict, XML, HTML5, Adobe PDF Professional, Adobe DreamWeaver CS3, Eclipse IDE, W3C accessibility/ WCAG 2.0 standards and CLF 2.0 and 3.0 standards, Web Experience Toolkit (BOEW/ WET 2.0, 2.3 and 3.0+), REST (REpresentational State Transition) Web services, PWGSC’s PWSS validation tool, CSS2, CSS3 and the Document Object Model (DOM).

Government of Canada — Library and Archive Canada

Collection Management System - High DensityFrom November 2010 to November 2011, Mr. Servranckx was part of a team as Senior Web Developer to implement the coding phase of the Library and Archives’ High Density Collection Management System. As this site lives on a private government network, there are no links available.

The Collection Management System – High Density (CMS-HD) is a PHP/ Fusebox based application built on top of the existing Collection Management System (CMS). CMS-HD enforces a strict storage utilization of published material by matching spatial dimensions with material sizes.

CMS-HD officially released on 17 Oct 2011.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Report directly to the Contract Authority for all matters relating to the quality, portability, scalability and best development practices of the CMS-HD application.
  • Review Technical Specifications for completeness, accuracy and usability.
  • As a member of the Development Team (of 4), implement the Use Cases and Technical Specifications into User Interfaces and server side modules, and design high-usability Web pages to meet the requirements, using the Library and Archive coding standards and best practices.
  • Use Selenium to create repeatable unit tests.
  • Review, modify and expand existing Fusebox Framework, PHP, JavaScript, SQL and PL/SQL code to handle very large Oracle queries and result sets.
  • Perform walk-through and code verification of other team members.
  • Verify accuracy and completeness of programs by preparing sample data, and test them by means of system acceptance test runs and Web Application Test Tools;
  • Correct program errors by revising instructions or altering the sequence of operations;
  • Test instructions, and assemble specifications, flow charts, diagrams, layouts, programming and operating instructions to document applications for later modification or reference.
  • Create and/or update system/modules documentation.
  • Test all the CMS-HD Web pages using Firefox/Wave and Jaws for conformance with WCAG AA standards, and recode/modify code as needed to remove errors in order to ‘pass’ the standards.
  • Design and test proof of concept Web Services for CMS-HD using the PHP NuSOAP (SOAP/WSDL) and REST applications.

Government of Canada – Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) — File Exchange Program

NRCan File Exchange ToolBetween mid-May and mid-August 2010, Mr. Servranckx provided Web Development services for the Release 2 of the bilingual Online NRCan File Exchange Program, an in-house file sharing tool that allows authorized employees from within the Department to share electronic files with non-employee stakeholders from outside of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and share files with other employees in the Department. He also created bilingual technical documentation and user guides, and provided technical database management services for other projects when and as needed.

He used CodeIgniter (a CMS based on the Model-View-Controller or MVC paradigm), Object Oriented PHP, XHTML, jQuery, MySQL, MySQL WorkBench, myPHPAdmin, and Unix Shells in a Unix/ LAMP production and development (Ubuntu) environment to add several user administrative and database management functions, and enhance and expand the FileExchange applications user interface in accordance with the Release 2 specifications, and the Government of Canada Common Look and Feel (CLF2) Web content policy.

The File Exchange website is no longer active.

Banking Site — Desjardins Integrated Payment Solution

MAT thumbnailBetween April 2008 and February 2010, Mr. Servranckx provided Web development, programming and maintenance services for the MAT (Merchant Administration Tools), SAT (Server Administration Tools) and WEB component of the Desjardins Group – Integrated Payment Solution. These components are accessible by merchants over the Internet, but require login credentials.

Mr. Servranckx was a member of a multi-disciplinary team of employees and consultants responsible for the development and maintenance of banking solutions. He was the team’s JavaScript, DHTML, HTML/ XHTML, W3C Standards and CSS/ DOM resident expert. The Desjardins servers operate in an Apache, PHP and AJAX environment.

At the explicit client’s request, no screen shots are publicly available.

Overview of work done

Using PHP (both Object Oriented and procedural), XAJAX (a PHP/ AJAX framework), AJAX, JavaScript, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) XML, CSS, and the DOM (Document Object Model), Mr. Servranckx developed new applications, and modified, maintained or expanded existing applications that allowed administrators, merchants, Quality Assurance personnel and validators to perform Web-based on-line banking, reporting and administrative transactions. All database transactions were performed by remote procedure calls to dedicated, highly secured Oracle servers via XMLRPC calls.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Developed complex dynamic form validation scripts,
  • Developed login scripts and applications, and incorporated open source CAPTCHA scripts,
  • Developed dynamic data-driven accordion menus,
  • Re-factored and adds new functionality to a Web Test Tool suite using PHP, JSON, JavaScript and AJAX to facilitate new merchants’ site accreditation and validation, and to help local developers and QA people with testing,
  • Re-factored XHTML pages to enforce strict adherence to the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standards, the W3C standards, and the Desjardins common look and feel standards while supporting the IE 6 and 7+, and the Firefox 2 and 3 browsers.,
  • Developed error and information display handlers,
  • Implemented formal Change Request documents by analyzing the requirements, evaluating alternatives and their impacts, and writing the proposed solutions in official Change Request Reply documents.
  • Effected adaptive and corrective maintenance on existing production modules in response to Requests for Changes,
  • Analyzed recommended and affected internal HTML and coding changes.

Note: The MAT, SAT and WEB environments live on the Desjardins private network and are not available to the general public.

Government Site — DND/ CF Support Web Portal

portal thumbnailMr.Servranckx and a junior Webmaster developed an information Web Portal (hosted on a private network) for the Department of National Defence/Canadian Forces. The Portal was built, maintained and expanded over a 31 months period. The portal serves documents and incidents from a large SQL database containing hundreds of tables and thousands of records.

Contrary to the other projects presented in this page, this portal used the server-side Microsoft .NET framework (ASP and ADO) that provides a large body of pre-coded solutions to common program requirements, and manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework.

Click on the thumbnail to view a more detailed description of the portal.

Non-for-profit Organizations

As a side-line business or pro-bono (volunteer work), we also manage organizations and special events Web sites of which the Nepean Sailing Club’s is the largest and most active.

The Nepean Sailing Club — nsc.ca

The Nepean Sailing Club

Since April 2000, Mr. Servranckx is the volunteer Webmaster and Web Team Leader of this sailing club, the largest sailing club in Canada.

This is a large and complex site that has gone through many evolutions and re-designs over the years, from a static HTML 4.01 to a custom made WordPress Design to a full modern WordPress Theme. “Legacy” Web pages are still served when it is not practical or feasible to migrate static pages to WordPress.

This site has thousands of files, hundreds of pages, and dozens of scripts, dynamic functions, on-line databases, server-side scripts, automated scheduled jobs, etc.

Servicing this site requires a minimum of 1 hour per day and annual full days or week work periods during development, conversion, re-factoring and maintenance projects.

Highlights of significant projects over the years

In 2018, he rewrote the Apache .htaccess file to enforce security/privacy of files and folders, and reroute missing (404) pages from previous designs using Google Master Console and error log reports.
he converted the membership 'Bluebook', a single table database upated monthly from an Access-generated table, to a two-table database (members and boats) updated monthly from two NorthStar-generated membership and boats excel reports; he redesigned the authentication system (WordPress login and static scripts access) to use the new members table, recoded the various applications like the 'Bluebook' membership/boat search and Proof Of Insurance registration.
He modified the Proof Of Insurance collection and display sytem to pre-populate the collection form with previous year's data.
He designed a proof of concept Crewbank Registration/ Posting system using Bootstrap 3.7, PHP, Javascript and MySql.
He re-designed the member's Upload application using Ajax to fetch, analyse and display upload information from the NSC server in order to better manage uploaded files.

In 2017, he created He create a new WordPress sub-web using the generic NSC / Twentytweve for BYC/NSC Interclub Racing.
he re-factored the stand-alone Racing Committee Volunteers Registration system using the Bootstrap 3.7 adaptive framework to provide a well behaved display on all devices.
He designed a client/server system to collect and store Proof Of Insurance data from members, display said data to authorized users,and create and email a daily backup of the data csv file via a CRON (batch) job.
He designed a WordPress Theme function to use the MySql member's database (the 'Bluebook') as a fall back login for members without WordPress account.
He rewrote the Registration / Reservation system from PERL to PHP, adding a splash page builder form to quickly create the event page.

in 2016, he wrote applications to display water level, wind and weather information to the NSC Weather page using CSV and XML data files fetched from external sites (like the Environment Canada City page for Ottawa on the Meteorological Service of Canada's HTTP data server).
He create a new WordPress sub-web using the generic NSC / Twentytweve for the Ottawa Cat and Skiff Grand Prix regatta.
He created a set of CRON (batch) Job to backup and email databases and csv files, clean up logs and temporaty files, and fix downloaded images' size.

In 2015, he created a proof of concept WordPress eCommerce sub-web based on the woocommerce WordPress plugin.
He converted the MySQL DB extension and the various database applications from mysqli to the more robust and generalized PHP Data Object (PDO).

in the Fall of 2014, he refactored the NSC Racing Committee Volunteers Registration and Reminder system from a set of PHP procedural scripts to a PHP Object Oriented model.
He converted the MySQL DB extension from mysql to mysqli, upgraded the jQuery Library, and added several layers of validation and security to the user’s inputs and PHP Session handling.

In 2014, asisted iSport Solutions in establishing an online payment solution for the Sail Training Center.

Between 2012 and 2014, we developed a WordPress master theme as as a child Theme of WordPress TwentyTwelve theme, an HTML5/CSS3 adaptive design perfectly suited for various display formats such as handheld devices,laptops and desktops.
This single child theme became the “NSC Branding” theme used in the creation of the Sail Training Center Web site, the ABLE Sail Web site, the River Challenge Web site, and to re-theme the existing Nepean Sailing Club Web site. Each Web site shares a common look and feel — since they are all based on the exact same child theme of TwentyTwelve— but have distinct headers ( images, titles, taglines) and navigation.
This scheme allows the Nepean Sailing Club Web team to create new “compliant” sub-Webs as required, and in minimum time and effort.

In 2011, we introduced the usage of CLOUD storage and applications, created a directory structure and migrated all the official NSC documents to public or private folders to remote CLOUD servers.

In 2010, we converted the nsc.ca WordPress installation to Network/ Multiusers, and integrated the existing independent WordPress sub-Webs into a single, unified system. we also imported and installed a MySQL multi-table Racing Volunteers registration database exported from another site, altered the tables structure and modified the PHP application code at the users’ request to add functionality such as reporting and checkbox-driven updating. We then cloned this database system and added other functions to facilitate usage as a general event/work party registration system.

In 2009, we migrated the main NSC page to the WordPress.org framework to allow key NSC players (directors, committee chairs, office staff) to do their own postings by mean of an easy to use Content Management System (CMS) as well as to allow them to solicit comments, and to offer users extended search capabilities on keywords, categories, tags and months. We converted the HTML 4.01 design to an XHTML-strict Template, created our own template (PHP and CSS files) to match the look and feel of the old site – a corporate requirement – and modified plugins and the theme PHP code to increase or match the functionality of the old site. This activity required approximately 40 hrs. Also, with the help of the NSC Web team, we converted all the static HTML and pdf calendars to a set of integrated Google Calendars, giving key people the option to make their own calendar entries.

In 2007-2008, we converted the site from an Microsoft’s ASP/ Coldfusion/MSSQL environment to a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment. This effort alone required about 70 hours of work as databases had to be converted and imported from Microsoft’s SQL to MySQL environment, many scripts had to be re-written from ASP and Coldfusion to PHP, a new access to the member’s private area had to be devised and implemented, and hundreds of broken links caused by file names upper and lower case mismatch (Microsoft being case insensitive but not Linux) had to be tracked and fixed. Also, we modified some of the header Javascript to make the site Google Chrome-compatible.

In 2006, with the coming of MSIE7, we combined the two “browser-dependent” Style Sheets developed in previous years into a single IE ready, “browser-independent” set. We also re-designed the pages backbone using modern coding and styling techniques, converting a table-based layout into a table-less, Cascading Style Sheet Positioning (CSS-P) layout.

In2003-2004, he created a "poor man" Reservation/Registration system in PERL to support the office and the kitchen.
Using the services of a graphic artist, He completely re-designed and rebuilt the Web site structure and backbone to its current W3C HTML V4.01 / CSS Level 2 compliant standards that present a common look and feel on all major Web browsers. Two different style sheets were used for IE and non-IE browsers.

In 2000, he converted the site from a loose collection of Web pages to HTML V3.2
compliant standards.

Some of the unique features we implemented over the years
  • sub-Webs for food services, sail training, provincial, national and international regattas;
  • interactive on-line reservation, registration and volunteer’s sign-in systems;
  • fees and other dynamic calculators and complex form pre-processors and validators;
  • members’ private login areas;
  • extraction and display of database-stored Members’ private information; and
  • a “poor man’s” portable site management tool that permits a site-wide build of Web pages from simple text files.

Sites built with the WordPress.org framework

In all the projects listed under this heading, we created an entire Web site using an original WordPress.org Theme. We then added or modified features like dynamic navigation, tailored menus, colours, styles and scripts, and modified or re-wrote sections of PHP WordPress theme code to match the client’s specific needs.

Botanica Condominium, Ottawa — botanicacondos.ca

Botanica Condominium, OttawaA site build for owners and prospective buyers.

The Botanica Condominium Board of Directors asked for a Web site to communicate with the owners – using a private area access for proprietary information – as well as present unprotected information to the residents and plubic at large.

The site is built on a child theme of the WordPress TwentyEleven off-the-box, a HTML5/CSS3 responsive theme which is fully adapted to all kinds of viewing devices like smartphones, tablets, and of course, regular laptops and desktops screens.

The total effort to build and deliver the site – first designed using the TwentyTen theme the recasted as a child theme of TwentyEleven : 5 hours.

Mobility Cup 2012 — mobilitycup2012.nsc.ca

Mobility Cup 2012Most of the visual was built over 2 evenings in response to an emergency request to replace another site that was not delivered on time as promised.

The site is built on a tailored version of the WordPress TwentyEleven off-the-box theme which is based on HTML5/ CSS3 – both implemented on “modern” browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and now, finally, IE version 9. Note that older versions of IE (8 and below) are not HTML5/ CSS3 compliant and therefore will not give you the same level of “user experience”.

The total effort to build and deliver the site with some pages pre-filled with content from previous Mobility Cup events: 10 hours. The site was disabled and archived in April 2014.

Ontario Taekwondo Association — taekwondo.on.ca

Ontario Taekwondo AssociationThe customer wanted to completely revamp the existing old static design and implement a dynamic collaborative environment using the WordPress.org framework to simplify the site maintenance and improve the postings and page editing turn around time.

We developed the new site on Admaris.com, and later ported it to a CORAX Web Service Provider’s host.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Search for a suitable WP Theme
  • Search for and edited stock header image
  • Create and configure OTA site on Admaris.com for original development, add PHP code to handle parent pages
  • Analyze and test chosen WordPress theme, structure and navigation
  • Create navigation/pages hierarchy for entire site
  • Adapt CSS and widgets to fit OTA right column content
  • Import, clean up, fix and reformat Board of Directors page
  • Import, clean up and reformat Executive Committee page
  • Import, reformat and adapt Membership page and Forms page
  • Create posts from Executive member’s emails
  • Install WP on OTA, configure WordPress on OTA site, create users, add and configure plugins
  • Familiarize with hosting KORAX site, environment, tools and DB applications
  • Modify WP config.php file and folder protection to fit KORAX environment
  • Export OTA posts and pages developed on Admaris.com, import on OTA site
  • Create media (photos) on WordPress OTA site, attach to pages; Test PDF file upload and attachment to posts
  • Create FAVICON and manipulate graphics (OTA logo, stock header photo, Ontario logo)
  • Tracked and fixed a page theme problem (improperly nested div tags), upgraded to latest WP version 3.3.1
  • Reformat a 100+ cells Club Listing Excel file to fit the OTA space constraints and import the file in WP pages in alphabetic groups
  • Promote OTA WP as the main site, follow with full testing
  • Add/configure/test Capability Plugin and create /test new assistant editor role
  • Provide WordPress Usage and site management training

The total effort from initial meeting to final delivery: 26 hours.

Author M.D. Benoit — mdbenoit.com

Author MD BenoitM.D. Benoit is a published speculative fiction writer. She wanted a look to match the mood of her stories.

This is an example of a major migration to WordPress, merging into a single WordPress custom-made theme an existing Blog and an existing static Web site.

In the spring of 2015, we migrated the site to a new Wordpress Twenty Twelve theme. The conversion took 1/2 day.

In July 2010, we converted the site to WordPress 3 Network (Multi-Users), using an old WordPress Theme as the base for a complete re-factoring to a new theme identical to the old static theme described below, and merged an existing mature blog into the design, thus centralizing her static pages and blog while keeping a distinct flavour to both – visit the site and notice how the “Life is Weirder than Fiction” blog has a different navigation and title than the rest of the site.

Total effort to convert
  • on our part: approximately 10 hours.
  • on the client’s part: another 5 hours.

In 2006, M.D. Benoit originally selected the Midnight RainForest design which we modified with new navigation, links and special interest features, and used a stock.xchng photo in the header and right sidebar. This is another example of a liquid design.

From this design, we created a Dreamweaver template which we used to rebuilt a few sample pages from the original Web site, and showed the author how to use Dreamweaver to do the same with the rest of the site.

Total effort
  • on our part: approximately 10 hours.
  • on the client’s part: another 20 hours.

The author uses our services from time to time to solve formatting, coding and style problems.

This site — admaris.com

Admaris Inc.Admaris Inc. needed a Web site that would exemplifies what it offers.

In May 2005, we built the original Admaris.com as a static site using an Open Source Design from the I See New People design using a stock.xchng picture in the header. We added scripts and dynamic effects to the navigation menu, and more heading levels.

Total effort (excluding text composition): approximately 5 hours.

The effort to compose and write the content was about 20 hours.

In July 2010, we migrated the content to WordPress 3 Multi-Users (Network) using the default TwentyTen Theme which we re-factored from HTML 5 to XHTML Strict and modified extensively to render the look and feel of the original static design we liked so much.

Total convertion effort: approximately 7 hours.

In December 2014, we created a Drupal 3 version of the site using the an adaptive subtheme AT 7.x-3.2. Total Conversion time: approximately 12 hours, including modifying the Drupal nodes and CSS to give the site the same look and feel as the WordPress version.

in June 2016, we created this Bootstrap version using about 90% of the previous Wordpress version page contents. Total Conversion time: approximately 8 hours, including creating Bootstrap templates and modifying the CSS to give the site the same look and feel as the WordPress and Drupal versions.

Grim Hill Series — grimhill.com

Grim Hill SeriesLinda DeMeulemeester, award winning author of the Grim Hill Series, contacted us on the recommendation of a former customer, Janine Cross, to build her a Web site to promote her books.

Originally, she was looking at a static design because the main goal was to showcase her work, not to blog, but after a few emails and pointers to existing Web sites, she decided to go with a WordPress design of our suggestion, with the assurance that we could give the site a static look while keeping the functionality and flexibility of WordPress.

So we installed WordPress on her Godaddy-hosted Web site, modified the PHP theme code and style sheets to achieve the look she wished for, manipulated her high-quality pictures to fit the “spooky” theme and dark background, and populated the pages with the content she provided.

Total time to implement the above: 10 hours over a 3-day period.

Easter Seals Regatta — nsc.ca/web2/easterseals/

Easter Seals RegattaWe converted an old, hard to maintain, not W3C compliant table-based design into a compliant xhmtl-based WordPress Theme, using the default WordPress theme as a template.

We then cleaned up and ported all the old pages content into new pages, created a “Latest News” page to hold the posts, and a “Site Map” page to show the pages hierarchy since the design did not leave room for the standard WordPress Widgets.

The Easterseals Web site was take over by the Easterseals Ontario organization in 2013.

Total time to implement the above: 10 hours.

Michael Power, Barrister & Solicitor — michaelpower.ca

Michael PowerWe created this site from a WordPressThemeBase template.

The client wanted a Web site to which he could refer colleagues and potential clients and that would serve as a business card for his law practice.

Once the client picked a WordPress.org theme, installed it and populated the site pages, he asked us to customize the site to better match his needs and views.

Summary of work performed
  • Provided advice and comments on Web/WordPress issues, design elements, common Web practices, etc. via emails;
  • Redesigned the header to included a tagline and re-size the image;
  • Modified the style sheet elements to match the client’s “image” requirements;
  • Added various Widgets like Categories, Archive, Recent Posts, Twitter and button text boxes,
  • Added PHP and JavaScript code to show/ hide specific widgets in specific pages – e.g.: button and twitter only in welcome page, all Widgets in the “dot indicia” page, no widgets in other pages,
  • Changed the Font family, font sizes, line spacing, block quote, paragraph margins and text headers,
  • Added and formatted photos and buttons, and
  • Fixed/ added some element’s code in the style sheet to better conform to all modern browsers.

Total time to implement the above: 9 hours.

CYA Youth National Sailing Championships 2010 — ynsc2010.nsc.ca

YNSC 2010We created this site from a WordPressThemeBase template.

The Event Pubic Relations director choose a youthful theme for this major national sailing event. We modified elements of the Theme CSS and PHP to add the logo, selected navigation based on certain page IDs. We installed and modified the login banner logo plug-in. We added PHP code to the header and footer page to customize the display. We customized the footer to include relevant links.

We showed the PR volunteer how to use WordPress Dashboard to administer the CMS, how to create Posts and Pages, and how to add images to same.

The total effort was approximately 10 hours. The site was archived and disabled in April 2014.

Kanata Taekwondo — kanatataekwondo.ca

KanataTaekwondoWe moved this site content from a Microsoft IIS Server, ASP-based site to a WordPress.org Theme on Linux.

The client chose a theme then matched the color palette of his old site. We modified elements of the Theme CSS and PHP to add the logo, selected navigation based on certain page IDs. We installed and modified plugins for the Featured Post, the login banner logo, and the intranet “Members Only” login functionality which defaults to the WordPress posts page and displays extra navigation items in the right-hand navigation column. We added PHP code to the Home page to display public posts, and we also fixed tables and text to better fit the theme.

We showed the client how to use WordPress Dashboard to administer the CMS, how to create Posts and Pages, how to add images to same, and how to use the plugins.

The total effort was approximately 30 hours.

Sites built from Open Source Designs

In all the projects listed under this heading, we created an entire Web site using an original Open Source Template. We then added or modified features like dynamic navigation, tailored menus, colours, styles and scripts, and modified or re-wrote sections of code to present an identical look and feel on all popular browsers.

Once the client was happy with the mock-up page, we turned it into a Dreamweaver template to quickly create individual Web pages that could then be populated with the client’s information.

Synergy Virtual Book Tour — mdbenoit.com/synergy

Synergy Book LaunchAuthor M.D. Benoit was using a novel approach to promote her new book, Synergy: a Virtual Book Tour. She wanted a bold design to support the background mood of her story.

She picked the open source Extreme Heat as her base design, from which we created a single main page (shown here) and a different-looking template, which the author used to create the individual Web pages.

Total effort: approximately 2 hours.

Zumaya Otherworlds — zumayapublications/otherworlds

Zumaya Otherworlds PublicationsZumaya Publications was launching a new Web site for its Fantasy/ Science Fiction line and wanted a new design to match. The live site will be retired from Zumaya Puplications Other Worlds Web site in the future, and so we link to the local copy used for development for this demonstration.

The publisher picked the open source Intersection as its base design. We fixed some cross-browsers common look differences, added JavaScripts for roll-over effects and image pre-loading, and created a single template, which someone else used to create the individual Web pages.

Total effort: approximately 3 hours for the design and customization, and 50 hours to create and maintain the site content. As of April 2014, this design is archived and no longer active live.

Shark World 2007 — Shark World Screen Shot

Shark World 2007As the main Shark World 2007 site is unilingual German, The Nepean Sailing Club (NSC) participants asked us for small site that would offer some translation of the important pages.

We created a new sub-Web to the main Web by modifying the Summer Days design, changing the navigation, header image and the colour palette to fit the NSC main theme, and fixing a few “bugs” in the CSS to make the site look identical on all browsers.

We later recycled the template to create the permanent OYSTR (Ottawa Youth Sail Training Regatta) Sub-Web for the Nepean Sailing Club. This site is no longer active as it has been included in the sailtraining.nsc.ca sub web.

Total design and development efforts: approximately 4 hours for the Shark Worlds, and 7 hours for the OYSTR (as the Registration form is quite dynamic). As of April 2014, this design is archived and no longer active on the Web.

Author Janine Cross — janinecross.ca

Janine CrossAuthor Janine Cross approached us to build a Web site around her Dragon Temple Saga trilogy. She picked the open source All the Reds as her base design, which we modified to fit a book style format, tweaking some of the colours to match that of her books. We then created 8 new pages using the template and the author’s text and pictures.

This project was our first attempt at using an Open Source design, and it won us over right then and there!

Total effort: approximately 7 hours.

We also configured the author’s FTP server and email domain, and still maintain the site on an as-needed basis.

Daniel Servranckx — Tanzer 7.5 Web Site

Daniel Servranckx Tanzer 7.5For D. Servranckx’s personal Boating Web site, we extensively modified and expanded the Wide Open design, changing all the colours, fonts, page layout, and navigation view. In fact, we changed everything but the basic architecture. We then migrated the old Web pages to the new design.

This is a good example of how radically different a re-worked design can look from the original, and how, by a judicious choice of colours, a clear foreground over a dark background can be pleasing without the typical glare and eye-sore associated with such a colour scheme.

This site uses what is called a liquid design i.e., one where the page always expands to maximum browser width.

Total effort to create the template and migrate the site: approximately 15 hours.

Ottawa Special Olympics — ottawaspecialolympics.org

Ottawa Special OlympicsNote: this is the static version used between 2007 and 2009. The Official OSO Web site has since been converted to a WordPress Theme by the local Webmaster.

The Ottawa District Board of Director wanted to change their Web site from a home-grown to an integrated, easy to maintain site while keeping all the functionality of the original.

We used the services of Sierra-Dawn Web Creations to reformat the graphic of the Special Olympics Canada Web site and blend the Ottawa-specific logo in the image. Then, using the colour theme of the header image, we re-formatted and re-styled the Multifex-2 design selected by the OSO Webmaster, added new navigation and links, and implemented JavaScript for rollover effects and non-spam email address generation.

We then rebuilt the whole site page-by-page from partial HTML files supplied by the Webmaster.

Total effort: approximately 20 hours.

The Webmaster also used our services to solve formatting, coding and style problems.

As of April 2014, this design is archived and is no longer active on the Web.

Web sites built/rebuilt from Stock Templates

Jack Meter Case Files — mdbenoit.com/jackmeter

Jack Meter Case Files Author M.D. Benoit, while writing her 4th Jack Meter Case Files book, needed a separate Web site to present this series.

She initially picked a free design on the Internet. However, this template was built using an out-of-date layout-table design, which proved to be too rigid and needlessly complex to be readily adaptable to her needs.

We therefore created a new modern design from scratch using the general look of her initial selection as a guide, which we turned over to her as a ready-to-use Dreamweaver template.

Total design and development efforts: approximately 7 hours – most of which was spent making the design cross-browser compatible (the curse of any Web designer)!

The site was archived in 2011 as its content was included in the MD Benoit Web site.

Dr. Anna Drzewiecki, Plastic Surgery — AnnaMD.com

Dr. Anna Drzewieski Sierra-Dawn Web Creations (no longer in business) asked us to help with the creation of the structure and theme of an original one-page template based on Dr. Drzewiecki’s business card color palette.

This design contains some dynamic features such as expanding drop-down sub-menus.

Total time to create the design with functional menus and navigation: approximately 7 hours.

This shows that designing a single Web page from scratch, even a simple one, takes as much time as using it to create a whole site!

Web Site Support

We either fine-tuned, enhanced or completely overhauled the functionality of other designers templates. We also offer programming and support services such as Web development, server-side programming, site maintenance and administration

Jay’s Chalet — jayschalet.com

Jay's ChaletWe modified the design by Sierra-Dawn Web Creations, itself derived from an OSWD design, to give it the same look and feel in all modern browsers.

We also created the dynamic JavaScript-based mouse-over image viewer in the Chalet Photos page.

Total time to modify the design and create the photo viewer: approximately 2 hours.

Ohm Networks — www.ohmnetworks.com

Ohm NetworksOhm Networks Web site was re-designed by a junior Web designer in late 2006. The Career page, written in PHP/MySQL, had not been migrated because the designer had moved on to other projects. The original code was written entirely in PHP by a seasoned programmer, with all the HTML code dynamically generated on the server by various PHP scripts following a logic flow based on parameters extracted from a MySQL database. If by now you are totally confused, don’t worry, so were we!

As there were no design notes and only a few in-code comments, our first task was to study the structure and organization of this large site (over 1300 files and 350 folders), trace the processing flow from the bottom up, and document the multi-steps PHP/ MySQL sequence of events leading to the construction of the career page as seen on the browser.

Once we understood what was going on “under the hood”, we used the new site Dreamweaver template and original old PHP code fragments to create a new dynamic HTML page (show above) with embedded PHP/MySQL code.

While doing the above, we also fixed problems with the Dreamweaver template and HTML/ CSS code for cross-browsers compatibility, and added a User login function to the
ohmnetworks main page.

Total time charged the client: 11 hours, 9 of which to familiarize ourselves with the client’s Web site organization and code, and document the complex server-side page building process.

A tricky server migration project

In February 2008, the client asked to have his Web site migrated from a home based WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server to a managed ISP based LAMP (Linux) server.

We guided him through the registration process, configured the new site, moved all the files, exported the databases from the old server, imported them into the new server, modified the PHP code to handle server variables under PHP 5, and modified the MySQL user validation code to handle a different password encryption algorithm under MySQL 5.

Total time charged the client: 11 hours, 5 of which to track and fix differences in PHP and MySQL versions.